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sreda, januar 30, 2013


Hola amores!
Today I had so many things to do in the city I had so get up early :( And I wore simple maxi sweater and ponytail again! :) Starting to like it because the hair doesn't bother you, even if I love long hair <3

Wearing one of my favorite pearl necklaces and my daily make up (today without eyeliner!)

Got some new mail - with clothes and makeup! Can't wait to show you! :)

My plan for today? 

Missing my boyfriend, studying law and my Zumba class!

Have a nice day everyone! Kisses :*

8 komentarjev:

  1. lep outfit. tale šal s tole frizuro je pa čista odličnost. :)

    xoxo, Nina

  2. Včasih se mi zdi, da so vse tvoje majčke oz. večina mehikanškega pridiha, mislim da je kriva Frida :P In sploh nimam nič proti temu pridihu, ker je majčka čudovita.

    1. Hahah, možno! :)

      Obožujem latinsko kulturo, sploh mehiško in Frido, tako da verjetno podzavestno takšne zberem!

  3. Great look!


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