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petek, januar 04, 2013

1 year of Viva la vida

It's been a year since...
I started with my blog. I was a big fan of fashion and makeup before and I was checking up all the blogs all the time - and then I decided that I will start with my blog too! I have so many ideas and thoughts that I wanna share with the world, so I took a chance!

Name - Viva la vida
My favorite artist is Frida Kahlo. Her last painting was named "viva la vida" - long live life or live life :)
And this year I got a tattoo Viva la Vida on my neck :)

145 followers there
416 on facebook !
and instagram too!

36.919 views in one year !!!

Thank you all, I read all the comments and just love doing what I do here :)


8 komentarjev:

Thank you all for your comments, I read them all and I always try to visit your blogs if u have them.

They really mean a lot to me,


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