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sreda, januar 04, 2012

Lucky start!

Hi, everyone! :D

I've been thinking a lot past days, well to be honest, months. I wanted to have my own blog so badly, that I just couldn't resist it anymore. But the most difficult thing was, to choose a right name. So I just stand there, with my wish...without a blog. Damn. So why did I chose this name "Viva la vida?".

To be honest, it's catchy. And I looove spanish language,culture & music. And the last picture of famous mexican painter Frida Kahlo , that I love is called "Viva la Vida" :) So, that's my moto. Kinda. :)

So, keep on living guys, and I hope that u're gonna love my blog. It's gonna be fashion,quotes and me. 

Talk to u guys later ! 

xx Katja 

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