nedelja, november 30, 2014

Good girl, bad girl : Porcelain effect swatch

Lately I'm trying not to buy things I don't need. Hahah, mission impossible!

But this nail polish really surprised me when I saw some swatches on the internet and I really wanted to have it! 

Essence's collection "good girl, bad girl" had nothing special (for me) expect this porcelain effect nail polish <3

I really like it and I had it on my nails for more than 3 days! (which is great for Essence)

What did you got yourself from this collection? :)


P.s. Girls from USA, GERMANY and other EUROPEAN countries or even ASIAN! I would really like to do "christmas swap", makeup products that are not in my country and not in yours... So let me know on my mail if you wanna do it! :) <3 Baš bi voljela jednom napraviti i "balkan swap" možda sa jednom curom iz Hrvatske/Bosne/Srbije/Crne Gore/Makedonije...?

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  1. Ooo kok lepo pride na nohtih!
    pa ti maš itak ful lepe nohte že same po seb, srečnica! ^^


  2. Predivna boja, ali tvoji nokti su savrseni! :)

  3. Zelo lep finiš.:) Sem že enkrat imela podobnega od Catrice in je res lep:)

    1. Ja, fuuul je lep res :)

      Zanimivo, tako preprost pa tako lep :)

  4. Nice post!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! As you suggested on my blog, I'm following you on GFC.


  5. ooo kolk lepi odtenek:))) se mi dopade:)))

  6. Love this subtle shade!

    Check out my new post Here!!!


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